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Acupuncture / Zero Balancing

Tammy Nelson, Acupuncture at Lotus Be Well
Certified Acupuncturist & Zero Balancer

Call Tammy directly to schedule an appointment - (262) 825-8282

5 Element Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine which originated 3,000 year ago in China. Tammy primarily treats in the Classical Five Element tradition, in the J.R. Worsley lineage. Five Element (sometimes called "5 Phase") acupuncture uses observation of the movement of the seasons to learn how to live more harmoniously with nature. When this happens, we can experience better physical health, as well as enhanced mental, emotional, and spiritual vitality.

Provides relief for those suffering with:

  • Pain

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Digestive problems

  • Stress

  • Sleep disturbances

  • and many more ailments

Heals the body and mind by ..

  • Addressing underlying causes of disease;

  • Avoiding recurrence of symptoms;

  • Restoring vibrancy.

Tammy Nelson
Certified Acupuncturist & Zero Balancer

Cell (262) 825-8282


Schedule an online Zoom consult or phone consult to start or continue acupuncture and zero balancing. After your initial online consult, there are two options: continue with virtual treatments, or come to the office for an in-person appointment.

**Pandemic Acupuncture Policies: Call Tammy directly to set up online Zoom or phone consult (262) 825-8282 or schedule online.

INTAKE SESSION, 2-2.5 hours, $150

Health history, personal history, short physical exam, treatment coincides with findings.



Acupuncture Appointments

Zero Balancing

60 minutes, $80

Zero Balancing (ZB) is performed while a client lies on their back, fully clothed, and uses gentle, effective touch on the skeletal structure. ZB is a type of bodywork that addresses held tension in the skeletal system (like a massage for the bones) to help the body relax and feel better. Tammy uses ZB either as a stand-alone modality, or sometimes combined with acupuncture.

Zero Balancing ...
Is powerful and innovative body work;
Reduces pain and discomfort;
Releases mental, emotional and physical tension;
Improves the flow of vital energy;
Enhances stability and balance.


Certified Qi Gong Instructor

Tammy studied Qi Gong for three years with the school of Lotus Nei Gong. Qi Gong uses very light and gentle movements that have influence.

Benefits of Qi Gong:

  • Relaxes the muscles

  • Supports the body’s organs

  • Improves cardiovascular function

  • Strengthens the nerves

  • Benefits the prevention of injury to joints, ligaments and bones

  • Speeds Recovery Time from Injuries

  • Eases stress and balances Emotions

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