BioEnergetic Testing

BioEnergetic Testing & Health Analysis

Initial Visit: 2-2.5 hours, $197


BioEnergetic testing determines priority health issues and the root cause of imbalances, symptoms, and pain. A customized, strategic wellness plan (Lotus Protocol) is crafted to meet your individual needs and goals. Recommendations typically include use of the walk-in therapies at Lotus Be Well, dietary and lifestyle changes, light therapy, cold therapy , and supplements or tinctures.

Please fill out a Health History Questionnaire (right) and bring it to your appointment. 

Trish Hoehn
MAOT & BioEnergetic Specialist

Contact Trish Hoehn:

Trish Hoehn - MAOT & BioEnergetic Specialist

BioEnergetic Testing & Health Analysis via Hair & Saliva Sample

$147; Follow-Up Consult: $147

Utilizing computerized BioEnergetic testing, Trish identifies your priority health issues using your hair and saliva. Hair and saliva analysis is popular for younger clients. She then works with you in-person or via Skype or phone to develop a strategic plan for achieving your wellness goals. Please fill out the Hair & Saliva Form and send the form with your sample. 

BioEnergetic Spot Check

30 minutes, $40


Available to members who have an established Lotus Protocol and are currently Access Plan members. This service seeks to answer very specific questions or issues that may have arisen during the course of your therapies. Example questions: I'd like to add [supplement] but am not sure it is beneficial or necessary? I've been exposed to a new virus or been through a trauma, should my protocol be modified?

Lotus at Home: Wellness Space Design 

Consult, 30 minutes, $47


Trish will consult on the best health tech options for your family, your home or work space. 2020 has brought to light that there are going to be times when healthcare is not readily available for illness and injuries. Having Lotus at Home will keep your family healthy while in a stress free environment. Be prepared, invest in your entire family's health.

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