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BIOTROHN® is the best variable microfrequency generator currently available on the market. It has extremely precise programming within its wide range of frequency bands, thus becoming the best option for doctors, therapists and their patients as an excellent aid in therapeutic treatment.  

Trish Hoehn, BioEnergetic Specialist

The safety and efficacy of BioElectrical Therapy is AMAZING! If you are looking for guidance on your health journey, Trish Hoehn's BioEnergetic Health Analysis and Lotus Protocols via in-person or hair and saliva testing are available. She can help uncover the imbalances in your system and root causes of your symptoms. Watch while she taps into your energy field using Computerized Electrodermal Stress Analysis equipment to create a customized wellness plan for you including: bioelectrical protocol with optimum frequencies; ideal supplements; and dietary/lifestyle changes that will take healing to a whole new level. Unlike anyone else in the industry, Trish develops a CUSTOMIZED FREQUENCY SET for use with BioElectrical Therapy devices at Lotus Be Well or at home.

Frequency bracelet

Lotus Be Well at Home

What are the benefits of having the wellness tech at home?

Benefits run wide and deep. Schedule a consult with Trish Hoehn to review options that fit your family's needs.

Can my children use the equipment?

Absolutely. From sniffles to pain to attention issues, children benefit. 

Is the equipment easy to use? 
Yes. Lotus Be Well provides free training with all the equipment. 

Is there an financing available?

Yes. Advance Care offers 14 months 0% financing to approved credit. Learn More.

Why should I consider this investment for our health and wellness?

2020 has brought to light that there are going to be times when healthcare is not readily available for illness and injuries. Having Lotus at Home will keep your family healthy while in a stress free environment. Be prepared. 

Are there options for corporate wellness?

Yes. We can create Lotus Be Well at the Office or in-house Access Plans for employees. 

Can I use my HSA card to purchase equipment?

Yes. HSA cards are accepted at Lotus Be Well for equipment and services.

If I purchase a Wellness Pro+ how do I get the codes?

Lotus Be Well provides all the codes you need for a multitude of uses. Specific protocol codes can be added to the Wellness Pro+.

What if I don't live in Wisconsin and would like to purchase wellness tech?

We can have the Wellness Pro+ shipped directly to your home. Specific protocols can be provided via hair and saliva sample and virtual or phone consults.

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