Weight Loss Program & Fat Loss Accelerants

Lotus Be Well's medi-spa services for fat reduction uses the latest technology for optimal results.
Every body weight loss session is uniquely structured to meet the client's needs. We do this by having successful programs in place, accountability, encouragement and a supportive community within Lotus.

Trial Bundles

Body Slimming with 3LTx Trial Bundle, $90

Enjoy a 50% discount and experience our 3LTx (laser-like lipo) therapy. This cost-saving bundle includes:

  • Biometric Analysis with Fit 3D Scan 

  • 3LTx Laser-Like Lipo Session

  • Hypervibe Platform Training

  • Far Infrared Sauna or Brain Boost PowerNap

Retail Value $181 - 50% Discount = $90 WHAT A DEAL!


LEANER YOU Weight Loss & ULTIMATE WELLNESS Health Programs

Lotus Be Well's popular LEANER YOU Weight Loss and ULTIMATE WELLNESS Health programs Offer new choices and more customization. Our comprehensive programs are designed to meet each client’s specific needs.  

The Program could include the following:

1) 12 week program

2) Complete health evaluation and/or Zyto Supplement Scan

3) Nutrition/Lifestyle coaching sessions with Fit3D Biometric Analysis

4) Detailed journal

5) Access Plan for unlimited use of walk-in therapies and virtual fitness studio at select times.

6) Select Bonuses including 3LTx (Laser-Like Lipo) Trial

7) Exclusive program discounts

8) Interest-free financing available


Weight Loss Accelerant

Laser-Like Lipo (3LTx) utilizes Red light therapy that puts the body in Fat Burning mode. The light is at a frequency and power setting that creates micro-pores to open in fat cells allowing the contents to drain; leaving you with inch loss in the same way that natural fat loss occurs. We have found this to be a powerful accelerant when used in conjunction with a comprehensive weight loss program. 

Virtual Fitness 

Virtual Fitness packages are available as an additional weight loss accelerant. Exercise not only will help trim the waistline, but relieve stress and build confidence.

warm up virtual fitness.JPG