Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Scan

Considered the "Gold Standard" for analyzing a variety of health factors, this scan measures the changing intervals between each heartbeat and gives and accurate picture of the body's ability to recover from stress and strain. It reveals the importance of lifestyle and emotions on our general health. The results can indicate if an individual is at risk of developing a serious illness or is aging prematurely.

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Session, $97 with interpretation


The HRV measures the time interval between heartbeats to determine stress on the body. The variability of that time interval beats is controlled by your central nervous system(CNS). Simply, the HRV measures your nervous system balance, which is activating stress throughout your body. Low HRV means high sympathetic (fight or flight).  High HRV means high parasympathetic (rest). 

Why Get The HRV Scan?

No matter your stress level, it goes through your CNS and the HRV has the ability to capture the your stress responses. If you still aren't convinced that everyone needs to manage stress levels, here are some reasons...

Acute stress: How stress hits suddenly
If you’re working or working out super hard, and sleeping poorly, you’re putting your body under acute stress. Usually, the body recovers back to normal, assuming you allow it. A sudden drop in your immune system (you keep getting sick) of 20% or more, could be a signal to slow down and take it easy. Let your body recoup. 

Chronic stress: How stress accumulates over time
Did you know short-term acute stress can be good? A little stress will keep you energized; however, if you are unable to turn it off, then chronic stress takes over. Anxiety, depression, burnout, inflammation, weakened immune system and even cardiac disease are the result of chronic stress. 

Recovery: Allow your body to manage stress
Whether acute or chronic stress, the body must be able to recover. Lotus Be Well can help you recover and manage stress by using our walk-in therapies and coupling the therapies with a high quality supplement. Trish Hoehn, Bioenergetic Specialist, can create a protocol that works for you.

Longevity: Keep stress in check 

Know your body and it's ability to handle stress. Take time to recover when stress is apparent. 

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