Zyto Health & Supplement Scan

Stop wasting money and time guessing what will work for you. Bio-individuality means each person has specific and unique needs even if they share similar symptoms or concerns. A Zyto Scan can reveal imbalances in body systems and lifestyle areas as well as highlight which supplements will be most effective for YOU. We can even use this information to design convenient and cost-effective daily supplement packets customized to your specific needs.

Schedule  A Zyto Scan 

Session, $97 with interpretation


This analysis includes a brief discussion of health history, concerns and goals and a Zyto BioCommunication Scan. You will gain insight into imbalances that can contribute to health issues and learn which combination of supplements will be most effective for YOU. You will also be advised on other activities and therapies that may be helpful. Simple and effective custom supplement packets can be designed to meet your current needs and shipped right to your door. Save time, save money, and GET RESULTS. This analysis is perfect for those looking to address minor health complaints, maintain optimum health, or ease into a wellness plan.

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