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Quick Access to Getting Started at Lotus Be Well

Lotus Be Well is a Private Member Association (PMA) Wellness Club. We are structured this way for liability purposes and to protect your privacy and freedom of choice in health care. Taking wellness to a whole new level, we offer access to cutting-edge health technologies and wellness services that nurture the body, mind, and spirit. You will not find another place like Lotus Be Well. 


Wellness Club Memberships (2 Options)

Regular Wellness Club Membership $20
A one-time membership initiation fee of $20; includes one (1) Walk-In Therapy session of your choice.

Deluxe Wellness Club Membership $50

A one-time membership initiation fee of $50; includes three (3) Walk-In Therapy sessions of your choice. Services are valid for day of purchase only. 


Our Signature "Walk-In Therapies"

Lotus Be Well's Walk-In Therapies combine state-of-the-art health technologies in unique and enjoyable ways. They provide rapid results, and like exercise, the benefits are cumulative. Each Walk-In Therapy addresses different concerns and alleviates a variety of symptoms. No Appointment required. Check out all the details of the Walk-In Therapies


  • Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar

  • Brain Boost PowerNap

  • Energized Infrared Sauna

  • Hypervibe Vibration Platform

  • BioElectrical Therapy

  • Vitamin D Light Therapy with Tanning

  • Phototherapy Light Mask

  • Virtual Fitness


LBW Access Plans & Passes & Parties

Be Well Pass 
There is a 6 and 12 pack available. Enjoy Walk-In Therapies at a reduced cost. Services valid for 12 months from date of purchase. 

Unlimited Access Plan Options

Monthly Plan - Cancel any time; Student Monthly Plan (17 and under) available

Annual Plan - One (1) year commitment at a very reduced rate.


Check out all the details on Plans & Passes

Wellness Parties

For groups of four to eight. Enjoy four (4) hours of Walk-In Therapies in our beautiful and peaceful wellness club. Receive a lifetime Wellness Club Membership and all the walk-in therapies. Please Call to Schedule.

Check out all the details for a Wellness Party


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Complimentary Health or Weight Loss Consult

Whether you are  looking for a more natural and holistic options to address specific health concerns or just seeking alternative ways to amplify wellness, lose weight and prevent health issues, Lotus Be Well offers a variety of cutting-edge therapeutic options. Call to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consult to learn more about how we can help develop a strategic plan to achieve your wellness goals. Call (262) 457-2222 to set up your appointment.


Walk-In Wellness Bundle - $48 (save $6)
A Mini Wellness Day to de-stress and recharge. Three (3)
walk-in therapies of your choice on the same day.

Annual Scan Plan - $350 (save $38)
Four (4)
Zyto Health & Supplement Scans
Receive one scan quarterly to maintain health by addressing current needs.

Quarterly Care Package - $500 (save $104)
For those who want insight on health imbalances, customized supplementation and occasional
de-stressing, but have minimal time. Enjoy a Lotus Day once per quarter.
Each Visit Includes:
One (1) Zyto Health & Supplement Scans
Three (3) Walk-In Therapies


New Options for Health Maintenance 

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