Gong Bath

An ancient, multi-dimensional form of sound healing meditation with Kathy Zvara.

Gong Bath Schedule & Benefits

  • Gong Baths will be scheduled for Saturday starting in August 2022

  • Schedule is TBD

  • Please pre-register (262) 457-2222. Walk-ins welcome but will not be notified if canceled.

  • Cost: $20

    Healing Benefits of Gong Bath:


  • Conducive to healing and transformation;

  • Induces a state of meditation by calming the mind;

  • Creates a state of relaxation and release of tension;

  • Physically, it releases blocks and tension in the body and stimulates the glandular, nervous and circulation system;

  • Helps clear emotional and energetic blockages;

  • Strengthening of the immune system;

  • helps to stop the constant “chatter” of our minds;

  • Awakens higher levels of consciousness and increases life force;

  • Bathes you in a cascade of healing sounds — claims to shift the brain from waking (Beta) state to Delta or Theta (meditation) through the vibrations of the instrument.