Therapeutic Massage

Patty Salvack - Licensed Massage Therapist

As of January 16, 2021, Patty will be taking her own appointment. Please call or text to schedule or schedule online.

Therapeutic Massage

60 minute, $85; 90 minute $130; 120 minutes, $170; 60, 90, & 120 minute Packages Available OR
Join the Massage Club for Ultimate Savings.


NEW CLIENT SPECIAL, 90 minute, $99 (Save $36)

Each Therapeutic Massage session with Patty will be a unique experience since it is custom designed to address both your long-term concerns and your immediate needs. Your session will start with an initial consultation to identify your goals and preferences and/or update your health status since you saw Patty last. The consult is followed by bodywork that addresses your needs and also accommodates your choice of a milder, relaxation type of massage, therapeutic, deep tissue work and sports massages. Patty uses the Biomat for additional de-stressing and relaxation.


60 min. 5 pack: $375, $75/massage

90 min. 5 pack: $600, $120/massage

120 min. 5 pack: $800, $160/massage

Shareable with family & friends


Save Big on Massages when you join Patty's Massage Club! 

Gold Massage Club: 60 minutes
1 massage per month $75 (retail $85) 
2 massages per month $140 (retail $170) $70/massage

4 massages per month $275 (retail $340) $68.75/massage

Platinum Massage Club: 90 minutes

1 massage per month $115 (retail $130) 
2 massages per month $220 (retail $260) $110/massage

4 massages per month $435 (retail $520) $108.75/massage

Club Member Referral Program Bonus Too!

Massage Club Policies:
1) Minimum of three (3) month commitment.

2) Auto-billed monthly.

3) Recurs monthly until client calls to cancel.

4) Unused session rollover to the next month. 

5) Shareable with family & friends.

Call Patty for details.

Patty Salvack
Licensed Massage Therapist

Contact Patty Salvack:

Cell: (262) 483-2445