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Natural whole food vitamins and nutrients that supplement health at a cellular level.

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Optimal Health Systems (OHS)
The Original Whole Food Formula Company

OHS's vitamins and supplements are always derived from whole foods, chelated (organic) minerals, pure plant enzymes and stabilized probiotics—not synthetic chemicals. And, we are the only formulator with the Opti-Blend™ cellular delivery system which ensures actual digestion and assimilation of foods and nutrients.

Weight Management - Stay in Control of Your Weight

Why don't fad diets produce permanent weight loss results? Because they're not a lifestyle. To unlock permanent weight loss and optimal health, you have to develop a lifestyle (eating habits included) that works for you. OHS is here to help you on your permanent weight loss journey with clear guidelines, thorough nutrition education, and supplement help.

Digestion - Digesting Food isn't the Same Anymore

Disease happens when digestion doesn't. Trying to digest modern industrial-farmed plants and processed foods puts a strain on your system, resulting in disease. The number one reason people visit hospitals is for digestive disorders and pain. One in three people have a digestive disorder they deal with on a daily basis. We developed these carefully formulated supplements to aid your digestive process and deliver nutrients at the cellular level, the level at which your body operates.

Energy - True Energy without the Crash

Get the long-lasting performance energy you need to be your best, while avoiding addiction to synthetic stimulants like the lab-made caffeine in sodas and energy drinks. There is a natural way to gain a large dose of energy without causing damage to your adrenals. OHS formulas include every single ingredient needed to boost methylation, anabolism, and nitric oxide to create true energy and focus without the crash. 

Immunity - Fight Infection & Stay Healthy

Support your immune system from every angle with whole food probiotics, nitrates, herbs, and vitamins. Designed to be easily absorbed by your body, OHS Immunity formulas can help you bounce back faster after an infection, restore healthy immune function, boost your immune system to optimal levels, and protect you from exposure to viruses and bacteria.

Longevity - Look Younger, Feel Younger, Live Younger

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We can’t stop time, but we can support our bodies as time passes and promote healthy aging. The formulas and whole food ingredients in these products are research-backed and proven to promote healthy skin, increase energy, boost brain function, reduce inflammation, and more. Keep your body moving and your mind sharp.

Whole Food Powders - The Right Balance of the Right Nutrients

A healthy diet is about eating the right stuff in balanced proportions. Americans consume more GMO foods than any other country in the world. Said foods lose nutritional value and studies have linked them to liver damage, disease, and even cancer. Studies show that improving just a few servings of food to healthy options dramatically improves health. Our whole food powders make it easy to balance out your diet.