7 Areas to Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

https://www.lotusbewell.com/tachyon-energy-5g-protection5G PROTECTION INFORMATION

5G Towers are going up in all communities and very few are talking about the detrimental effects on our bodies!

There are 7 main areas that should be protected:

1) Your Children - Children absorb 10x the amount of 5G (radiation) than adults.

2) Personal - Tachyon Freedom Pendant; Silica Gel; More!

3) Mobile - Ultra Tachyon Disk

4) Home - Smart Gas and Electrical Meters; Star Dust (add Tachyon to your paint); More!

5) Bedroom - Ultra Tachyon Disks; Cubes for Cords; More!

6) Car - Carmonizer; Car Mate; More!

7) Work Environments (home office) - Ultra Tachyon Disk (computer); Life Pad (chair); Mini Sun Spot; More!

Tachyon products are available at Lotus Be Well. Let us help you build your arsenal of protection. Read more about Tachyon and 5G.

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