Lotus Be Well Wellness Club & Plans/Passes

We have many great services to offer those seeking natural health solutions and proactive wellness! Our retail space features safe and effective wellness products and is open to the general public, so come check us out!

The Lotus Be Well Association is a Private Member Health Association featuring a diverse blend of gifted wellness providers as well as access to cutting edge health technology that is incorporated into our unique walk-in therapies. Anyone can join the Wellness Club with a bit of paperwork and a $20 initiation fee, which includes one complimentary walk-in therapy. Membership is required to use our facility.

Lotus Be Well Association is operating under constitutional law, specifically the First Amendment (Free Speech) and the Fourteenth Amendment (the right to associate/gather). We do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure disease, rather we share alternative ways to improve the health and vitality of our members.

Whatever wellness path you choose, our Wellness Club is here for you and our community as well as affordable passes and access plans.


Join us and let us help you Be Well.

Trish Hoehn

Founder & Executive Director of Lotus Be Well Association