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Our 725 sq. ft. Lotus Fitness & Yoga Studio is located in beautiful downtown Hartford, WI with convenient parking. Yoga classes available via walk-in and punch pass. Fitness is available via monthly unlimited access, punch pass as well as private and semi-private sessions. You must be a Wellness Club Member to attend classes, see practitioners and enjoy walk-in therapies. Membership is a one-time initiation fee of $20 and you receive a free walk-in therapy. 

NEW Yoga Scheduling & Cancellation Policy: Effective 9/21/2020 




40+ Virtual Fitness Classes per week starting Oct. 5! Morning, afternoon, lunchtime and evening classes.

30-45 minute group Classes include: Yoga; Weight Lifting; Barre; Cardio; Kick Boxing; Pilates; Sculpt; Bootcamp; Dance; Stretch
Monthly Studio unlimited access $45/month; Fitness Pass 5-Pack for $25; Drop-in $7.50. 

Lotus Be Well is the only Fitness Studio in the area to offer Group Virtual Fitness Classes. Our beautiful, clean Studio provides a work out experience like no other. Come in for a tour!

Live Yoga Class Schedule

  • Pre-register online or call (262) 457-2222 to reserve your seat or drop-in. All classes require four (4) participants or will be cancelled two (2) hours prior to class. Drop-ins welcome, but will not be notified if class is cancelled. 

  • Limited to 8 - 10 per class. 

  • Bring your own equipment or equipment provided

Live Yoga Passes & Drop-In

You can purchase a yoga pass online or in-person. You must be a Wellness Club Member to participate.

Drop-In: $15
6 Pack: $14/class, $84
12 Pack: $13/class, $156

18 Pack: $12/class, $216

Certified Yoga Teachers

Laura Lien, Certified Yoga Teacher, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist


Laura is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach. She believes that finding balance with the mind, body and soul is the foundation of true happiness. Laura specializes in vinyasa flow with an emphasis in strength & core but can also bring it down to a gentle level when the need to slow down and be nourished is needed! Her goal is to help you find mind/body connection, challenge your core and stability muscles and feel refreshed and energized by the time you leave class! Private yoga sessions available.

CLASSES: Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Strength/Power, Yoga Fusion


Marjorie Olsen, Certified Yoga Instructor


Marjorie is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, and STOTT Pilates Instructor. She specializes in teaching core yoga and gentle yoga; both disciplines are designed to reduce upper and lower-back pain, develop and maintain proper posture, and increase students' sense of ease and well-being. Participants learn to honor their bodies' flexibility, balance, and strength. Marjorie believes yoga is a way for students to treat themselves to movement and strives to empower students to develop and maintain their own healing process. Private yoga sessions available.

CLASSES: Core, Gentle, and Hatha Yoga

Kathy Zvara, Certified Yoga Instructor and Gong Bath Practitioner


Kathy is a former Copper Tree instructor and has been practicing yoga and gong for over 15 years. 

CLASSES: Hatha/Intension/Breath Work, Vinyasa and Gong Bath

Yoga Classes Offered

Yoga Fusion

A blend of traditional yoga and dynamic strength training with small hand held weights and/or bands.  Blends dynamic strength training or functional mobility practices with the mindful principles of yoga for increased cardiovascular fitness, physical recovery, agility, and body confidence. Open to all levels as weights and bands are optional. Teacher: Laura Lien

Hatha/Intension/Breath Work

Wind down from the day with a practice that will help to calm and center the nervous system, increase strength and flexibility. Classic yoga postures combined with proper mindful breathing and grounding techniques will allow you to move into your evening with ease in the body and peace of mind. Teacher: Kathy Zvara


enCORE Yoga
A Pilates-infused yoga class designed to develop core strength in order to increase your overall energy, reduce chronic pain and develop proper posture. Each class offers multiple variations of poses and makes use of common place props, allowing your body to go deeper into the pose without going too far, too fast. Teacher: Marjorie Olsen

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga is a supportive class designed to make yoga accessible to everyone—especially active baby boomers. Classes utilize the breath and concentrated attention to bring awareness to what is happening in the body and how it is being performed. Gentle Yoga invites you to find balance in a non-competitive, self-accepting environment. Please join us and begin to improve your strength, flexibility, range of motion and peace of mind. Teachers: Marjorie Olsen & Laura Lien

Vinyasa Yoga 
Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic sequence of asanas linking conscious breath with mindful movement creating a powerful practice for the mind, body and soul.  This practice incorporates mantras, movement, a variety of epic music and meditation that will build heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. Teacher: Laura Lien


Laura Lien
Certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

Contact Laura Lien:

Private / Semi-Private Personal Training &  Yoga Instruction with Laura Lien

New Client Special: Private Personal Training & Yoga Session

60 Minutes, $60 

We will go over your fitness/yoga goals and start your session targeted toward your specific goals and needs.  


60 Minute Private Single & Series Sessions
Single Session, $75; Series: 6 Series, $420; 12 Series, $780

Private yoga or personal training sessions are a one-on-one experience with a certified instructor/trainer. Learn the basics, focus on your specific needs/concerns, accommodate limitations and injuries and get customized workouts to maximize your results. Beginners can avoid feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable in a group setting while more advanced students benefit from individualized sessions and undivided attention.    


60 Minute Semi-Private Single & Series Sessions
Single Session, $75/Person; Series: 6 Series, $240; 12 Series, $420

Semi-Private yoga, personal training or fitness sessions are for 2-3 people who seek more individualized care with a certified instructor/trainer. Learn the basics, focus on your specific needs/concerns, accommodate limitations and injuries and get customized workouts to maximize your results. Beginners can avoid feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable in a larger group setting while more advanced students benefit from individualized sessions and more focused attention. Rate is per person.   

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