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BIOTROHN® is the best variable microfrequency generator currently available on the market. It has extremely precise programming within its wide range of frequency bands, thus becoming the best option for doctors, therapists and their patients as an excellent aid in therapeutic treatment. 

Contact Trish Hoehn for more info and/or Wellness Consult (262) 457-2222

Biotrohn: Variable Microcurrent Device

The Biotrohn is a variable frequency microcurrent device featuring 135 programs that many have used with success to target viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. There are also programs to address imbalances and specific health concerns. The Biotrohn has proven effective in the treatment of pain through the production of negative ions and restoration of healthy levels of cellular electrical charge. The microcurrent recharges energy levels at the intracellular level by increasing ATP production in the mitochondria by 500% and protein uptake of the cell by 40-50%. As a result, many people with chronic fatigue issues has significantly increased energy levels.

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