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Online Supplement & Nutrients Rx Ordering

Customized Nutrients. Life-Changing Results.

Natural whole food vitamins and nutrients that supplement health at a cellular level.

Optimal Health Systems 


Custom Supplementation

According to a recent survey, 64% of Americans say that they are too busy to properly take care of their health. 

It’s time to JUMP-START your health and feel better fast. . .all from the convenience of your HOME!

Many people have visited Lotus in search of customized solutions but don’t have the time for regular visits to Lotus Be Well.  We’ve found the answer. . . the Zyto Health & Supplement scan can identify your imbalances and reveal which supplements YOU need most!  We can even craft a daily custom supplement pak just for you.


1) You can feel better fast at home!
2) You can have supplements sent right to your home or office!
3) Your custom supplement pak is easy and convenient. . . no more countertop full of bottles.
4) You can STOP wasting money on supplements that are ineffective and full of synthetic ingredients.
5) You can trust OHS supplements are organic, whole-food based, pre-digested, with no fillers and made in America.

Come in for a Zyto Supplement Scan for $97


Call to make a 60 minute appointment so Trish Hoehn, Bioenergetic Specialist & MAOT, can interpret your scan and guide you to wellness. 

Nutrient's Rx: Blood & Lab Analysis 

The program is helping people:

  • See their health risks more clearly 👀

  • Develop a plan to attack those risks 🥊

  • Follow that plan and track progress over time 📈

  • Save their future self money by dealing with risks early 💸

Want to know the best part? It’s being done the natural way.
If you are the type of person who takes your health seriously; Nutrients Rx is the ideal, all-in-one health program for you.

For those who prefer the data provided via lab analysis, we now offer a cost-effective option! Find your body's unique needs, determined by blood and lab work testing 200 biomarkers. Receive an extensive, easy to read health report and your own personalized nutrient program of research-proven whole-food supplements. See your objective, proven results over time and enjoy your journey to optimal health. This program saves you hundreds of dollars and includes: initial blood and lab work panel, first month's customized supplements, health professional review and protocol, and a comprehensive lab report. Make a FREE Wellness Consult appointment to learn more and get started.

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Nutrient Rx.PNG

It’s that simple! Trish Hoehn will review the results with you as needed.

Contact Trish Hoehn @ Lotus Be Well for a Wellness Consult/Info - (262) 457-2222

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