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The Blooming Lotus Shoppe

The Blooming Lotus Shoppe is located in Hartford, Wisconsin. A unique shopping experience for gifts, high quality Optimal Health Systems (OHS) Supplements, organic nutrition, crystals, CBD oil, essential oils, organic skin care products, 5G & EMF protection, local honey, and organic soaps and lotions. 

We Specialize in ...

Immune Strengthening - OHS Optimal Exposure Pak

The immune system’s function is to protect the body from toxins, viruses and bacteria that attack your body when you come in contact. The immune system is known as the “gatekeeper” for what gets in and what stays out of your body. When the immune system is working, toxins, viruses, and bacteria don’t have a chance. When it’s not, the floodgates are wide open. 

Weight Loss Supplements and Nutrition Acceleration - OHS Weight Reduction Package

Powerful products to nutritionally support quick fat burning while supplying healthy nutrients for optimal health and weight loss. 

Detoxification - OHS Half Day Organ Cleanse or OHS Soft Cleanse

​We live in toxic times. Detoxification of the body is important and should be constant, not just a couple times a year. When the body is detoxed gently on a daily basis versus all at once, the liver is able to expel the toxins in the body. Years of toxic stress can not be flushed out in mere days. A slow and steady detox is what we suggest. 

Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Relief - OHS Stress Relief Pak

Stress, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or environmental, acts as a trigger to further weaken the body and even provides the fuel that viruses and other pathogens utilize to spread in the body. It is our responsibility to do what we can to fortify ourselves so that as new stressors, toxins and pathogens come our way, we are better able to adapt and function. In this way, elevating our personal health becomes a service for our families, friends, employers, and community as a whole. 


Digestive Health - OHS 21-Day Flora Blitz

More than 100 million Americans have digestive disorders. A healthy digestive system (or gut) is more than eliminating bloating and heartburn, it is key to the health of the entire body including the Immune System. The gut's primary function is digestion, absorption of nutrients, and the excretion of waste but it is also vital in mood and brain health via the gut brain axis.

Pain - OHS Natural NSAID Pak

Pain comes in many forms; physical (acute and chronic), mental, and emotional. Pain is unique to each individual and needs to be treated as such. In addition to natural pain relief supplements, Lotus Be Well offers BioElectrical Therapy (pain relief through frequency) and the Brain Boost PowerNap

5G & EMF Environmental Pollution Protection - Tachyon 

Electromagnetic frequencies EMF (radiation) has become a part of our modern-day lives because of our exposure to electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, smart meters, wi-fi routers and appliances like TVs and microwaves. Exposure to EMFs has long-term cumulative effects that go as far as damaging our very DNA and disrupting our hormones. Protect your energy boosters with Tachyon, available at Lotus Be Well. 

Migraines / Headache Relief - See Trish Hoehn via Free Consult

There are many different causes for migraines or headaches. From dehydration to a virus in the body, there are many variables to take into account. We suggest a consult with Trish Hoehn, BioEnergetic Specialist, to pinpoint the correct protocol and supplementation.   

Sleep and Insomnia - OHS Sleep Gummies and Calm

Suffering from insomnia or sleep issues is debilitating both mentally and physically. Twenty-seven (27) million Americans have trouble falling or staying asleep at least once a week. We could buy a better pillow, but mostly likely a sleep issue could stem from a toxic liver, unbalanced thyroid or environmental pollution such as 5G. 

Energy Boosters - OHS Tru Energy Pak

We all want enough energy to breeze through the day, but few have it. There is a difference between low energy and fatigue. Fatigue could be related to mental health issues, long-term illness or stress. Low energy can often be improved by a change in lifestyle or routine with added supplementation to support the body. Many see improved energy by detoxing the body and reducing stress. 

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